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A flexible approach to your evolving regulatory needs


Engaging with IMed on a project basis is ideal if you need support for set, predictable tasks that your team simply does not have the bandwidth or expertise for, such as:

  • intended use statement “debate and draft” workshop
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Gap assessment
  • QMS Internal Audit
  • Technical file compilation
  • And many more…

We offer a service fee for these projects, so you know exactly how much the work is going to cost and what deliverables you’ll receive from us.

Specialist Support

IMed is an ideal partner for larger, less itemised projects such as:

  • Temporary specialist on-site or remote support
  • Outsourcing of an entire project or assignment
  • A complete transition or remediation project

We will happily prepare you a highly competitive customised quotation based on the scope of work.


If you need more regular support for your business, then a monthly retainer could be the perfect solution for you. This can be for a small number of hours per month to set days every week. This gives you access to highly experienced, specialist consultants to answer your questions, manage a specific project, review or complete tasks in line with your needs. Rates take into account the level of skill required to meet your needs to ensure clients are always offered the most favourable terms.

QMS Management – Auditing and Maintenance

If you are struggling to keep your audit schedule on track and it’s a challenge to create the time to conduct thorough and useful audits, we can take the pressure off by managing your annual programme for you. With industry experts and experienced Lead Auditors we can help you stay on track, identify areas of improvement and highlight any issues before they are picked up by your Notified Body. Equally – if you just need an extra pair of hands to maintain your QMS, we have QA/RA professionals on hand to act as your QA function on a temporary, regular or long-term basis.

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