ways to work together

01 – Project Work

If you need IMed for;

•  Outsourcing of a specific project or assignment
•  Temporary on-site or remote support
•  A remediation project

We will happily prepare you a customised quotation based on the scope of work. This way you’ll understand exactly where you need our expertise and all the costs to get the work done upfront.
We’ll just ask you for a deposit before we start.

mdr uk representative
mdr uk representative

02 – Monthly Retainer

If you need more regular support for your business, then a monthly retainer could be the perfect solution for you. For a set fee each month, you would have the peace of mind that one of the team is available for you for a fixed, pre-agreed amount of time, to answer your questions, manage specific project, review or complete tasks, as required. Our hourly rate would be on favourable terms to reflect your commitment to IMed.

You’d simply be paying by regular Invoice or monthly standing order each month.

03 – Purchase a Block of Hours

If you are unsure of how much support you need, are looking for an expert that you can call on when required, or don’t want to commit to a retainer package, then you can purchase a fixed block of hours, to be used, as needed. At the end of each month, we will send you a confirmation time sheet to let you know the hours worked (this can be broken down into 15 minute increments if relevant), making it clear what credit you have still available, so you can buy more hours or opt for a more suitable package at the right time and maintain continuity of contact.

uk responsible person
quality management system

04 – Internal Audit Management 

If you are struggling to keep your audit schedule on track and it’s a challenge to create the time to conduct, thorough and useful audits we can take the pressure off by managing your annual programme for you. With industry experts and experienced Lead Auditors we can help you stay on track, identify areas of improvement and highlight any issues before they are picked up by your Notified Body.



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