Tim Bubb joins IMed

by | Nov 10, 2021 | IMed Consultancy, MDR

Tim Bubb joins IMed

Yet another Key hire for IMed this week as Tim Bubb joins as Head of IMed’s Medical Devices Team. Al Mills interviews Tim in his first week…

Where are you from?

I grew up in the wilds of Hampshire and have been slowly moving closer towards London ever since. I’m currently just a stone’s throw away from the border of Metropolitan London, but that’s as close as I intend to get!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I think I wanted to be everything at some point. I distinctly remember going through a phase when I was about 10, of wanting to design rollercoasters, playing a game called rollercoaster tycoon, where I was building in the most loops and upside-down bits possible!

So how did you find your way into Medical Devices?

Well I actually trained as an architect first and I realised that I loved the engineering and small-scale design work the most.

But after graduating, there were not many roles available that I was that excited about in architecture, so I quickly took up a temp job, whilst considering next steps. The job was working in medical device manufacturing operations and I was soon spotted as being good at manufacturing process improvements, so they offered me a role in the quality team.

From there I have continued to grow and develop my experience of the key technical domains – quality, regulatory, design and clinical. Most recently I have been on a business senior management team at a large multinational, responsible for global regulatory strategy and product compliance.

Why does QA/RA interest you?

Being able to make a meaningful difference in developing products to be as safe and clinically effective as possible – giving maximum benefit to patients. I love working with new and innovative ideas, particularly in the field of predictive software using artificial intelligence or machine learning.

And what about your most recent work?

Most recently, I’ve been working with automated defibrillators and vital signs patient monitors, so really critical devices where performance is key.

What appealed to you about this role and IMed?

I’ve been interested in consultancy for a few years now, being able to help multiple organisations to get innovative new medical products into the hands of patients. IMed attracted me with its very client focussed outlook and with its IMed family ethos. The company has a more agile and personable approach when compared to some of the more corporate consultancies and they really value client relationships. I can relate to a team who roll up their sleeves along with the clients and make good things happen.

What do you have to say about MDR/FDA & UKCA right now?

The UK has a great opportunity now to become a friendlier market for first market entry, when compared to Europe. There is a good possibility of some potentially innovative new pathways to get medical devices to patients in the forthcoming UK medical device regulations.

What would you say are the key challenges for Med Dev companies currently?

The biggest challenge is in the higher level of clinical data required for Europe. Many manufacturers have not prepared post market clinical follow up studies for their existing devices due to the cost and resourcing, and so are struggling to gain certification to the new EU MDR regulations. And some of them seem to not realise quite what responsibilities they have in this area. But working with IMed we can help to change that for our clients.

And when you’re not delving into regulatory detail, where can we find you?

Most of my free time is out spending time with family. We love adventuring around the UK, exploring new places. This year we are exploring lots of medieval castles! My wife and I love to go to the theatre; we’ve already managed to see an opera and several musicals so far this year.

So is there anything else interesting about Tim Bubb that we really should know?

Yes! I love eating curries, the hotter the better! I’ve competed in a few chilli eating competitions in my time too!


Well that settles it – we’ll have to have a curry challenge at the Christmas party now! Is there anyone in the team who can match Tim’s tolerance for heat I wonder? Any volunteers Guys……?

Al Mills

Al Mills

Business Development Director

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