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Where are you from?

Originally, I am from Tamworth but moved to Swadlincote in 2010.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a Mommy – because I wanted to be just like my own Mum. I used to think that I also wanted 4 children! I’ve got 2 and I can safely say they are quite enough for me!


So how did you find your way into Medical Devices?

When I was moving to Swadlincote, I needed a local job to relocate. So I applied for a position, which I thought was like a PA, given the responsibilities on the job spec and on joining the team, I realised that I had a lot to learn! But I accidentally found what I love doing, so I am very lucky.


Why does QA/RA interest you?

  1. It’s continual improvement & 2. There is always some thing new to learn. I think that’s important in a role to keep developing your skills and experience


What about your most recent work?

My previous role before joining IMed was in a Medical Device company and I stayed with them for 11 years. The product portfolio consisted of Class l and Class llb products. There were lots of changes to transition to in  recent years; first ISO 13485,9001,14971 and then products had to be moved from MDD to MDR,. Then came UKCA marking and UKRP’s etc – so that’s kept me quite busy!! I also took part in Notified Body , internal , supplier , Competent Authority and external audits. I must say that I enjoyed my time in that role very much. 


What appealed to you about this consulting role and IMed?

Well I was actually working with IMed in my manufacturer capacity with transitioning the technical files over to MDR. I had always wanted to go into consultancy, but lacked confidence. Then earlier this year, I realised that my skills and experience had grown to a point where I could branch out into multiple device types and more territories and IMed was for me therefore an obvious choice. I’m excited by the variety of products and technical documentation and helping some  amazing devices get to patients who need them. I want to contribute to that process and share my knowledge.


What would you say are the key challenges for Med Dev companies currently?

Regulatory changes and updates are constant these days. MDR transitions can mean the first Notified Body experience for some manufacturers and now we have IVDR and UKCA marking just around the corner. Keeping on top of the changing requirements is also quite a task – ensuring that devices remain compliant – as most manufacturers’ regulatory teams are small and struggle to juggle multiple disciplines and products when there is so much change to consider. It is also a very unsettling time for most companies; waiting for regulations  to be published for additional transitional periods.


And when you’re not delving into regulatory detail, where can we find you?

I can be a bit of a home bird; I love family life when the laptop is closed, especially spending time with my 2 children, Mya/8 and Jax/6. And as the weather is improving, I have been working in the garden, which is really therapeutic and creative! So I’m pruning and planting as the children play in the sandpit, or ask me for the 14945thtime if it’s hot enough yet for the pool! I’m very partial to agood TV drama on the TV too and thought that Anatomy of a Scandal was fantastic!. I also have a dachshund called Mabel, so take her  on some lovely walks round my local area. 


What have you been up to in your first few weeks?

Webinars are becoming my best friend right now to ensure I am on top of all the latest requirements. I have been working closely with MDR and UK RP Guru, Kate Christopher on long term client work and UK RP registrations. Now I am flying solo on an MDR technical file and feeling really at home. I have been part of some client meetings, which is exciting too. So I have had lots to do – although I overheard Brian say yesterday “Jade thinks she’s busy already” and this was followed by a lot of laughter from the rest of the team. I do know that there is a lot more to come my way! But I can’t wait. All my IMed team mates have been truly amazing checking in on me and helping me out so I can’t thank them all enough.


So, is there anything else interesting about Jade Fraser that we really should know?

I used to play COD on the PlayStation with my partner for a silly amount of time. I had children and realised I needed to grow up – my partner still hasn’t!(Who am I already in trouble with?!)I am a fully qualified HD Brow Specialist and I absolutely adore eyebrows – which reading back sounds rather odd. Anyway, any tips for those brows, I’m your girl.

I’m pretty soft really and really care about other people so I’m a great listener.  I have lots of  close relationships which I really value. Essentially a kind of free therapist 😊


Well Jade – you could be in trouble at IMed because lots of our team have not grown up and are still gaming like your Hubbie! And you definitely don’t want to hear all our problems. But its good to know you are real IMed dog person – we love those. Welcome to the team Jade – we already enjoy working with you!

Jade Fraser

Jade Fraser

RA Consultant

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