Cindy Rajaratnam joins IMed

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Academy, IMed Consultancy, MDR

Cindy Rajaratnam joins IMed

Al Mills interviews our newest recruit: Cindy Rajaratnam

Where are you from?

I’ve lived in Dartford, Bath, Milton Keynes and I’ve now settled in Northampton. I’m actually also of Sri Lankan descent, but can’t speak the language, so wouldn’t do very well if I was out there alone!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a chicken nugget tester (eater). Not the first tester in the line but maybe the last tester, as then my job would be eating only the good quality chicken nuggets! I couldn’t find this degree at university though so settled for Pharmacology.

Why Pharmacology?

I’ve always been fascinated with how medicines are synthesised and how they interact with the body. My dad has diabetes and from a young age I’ve seen him use various medication and medical devices and seen how they’ve helped him manage his condition. This grew my curiosity and whilst searching for university courses I found the perfect one for me in Pharmacology.

How did you find your way into RA/QA and Medical Devices?

It was completely by chance! I attended an interview for BSI without really knowing anything about them. I got the advertised role, which I applied for, but then they realised that I had a degree in Pharmacology and asked if I wanted to be put into the medical devices team. The rest is history!

Why does QA/RA interest you?

QA/RA is central to the success of a medical device business and the usability of their devices. When everything has been completed in a QA/RA project and you receive the certificate you’ve waited so long and worked so hard for it’s so satisfying! Then the device can go on the market and help patients that need it.

And what about your most recent work?

I’ve been working as a Regulatory Specialist and was a part of a Brexit project, ensuring the company’s entire device portfolio was registered under the new rules and therefore able to be sold into Europe. I was also undertaking quality activities to move the portfolio towards UKCA compliance in time for June 2023.

What appealed to you about this role and IMed?

I really like the idea of consulting. I gained a lot of knowledge working for a notified body but was often frustrated when I found myself wanting to help my clients in areas outside the scope of my role! So I felt that consulting would finally allow me to use my broader knowledge across a wider spectrum to devices and I might get to do something different every day. I loved speaking to Leeanne and seeing how passionate she was about her company; then I spoke to Ana, IMed’s Chief Medical Writer who told me the most wonderful things about working for IMed and I knew then, that I really wanted to be a part of the team!

And when you’re not delving into regulatory detail, where can we find you?

I’m either hanging out with my fiancée Tomaz and our two dogs, or off travelling.

Everyone knows by now that IMed love their pets, so you’ll fit right in here! What kind of dogs do you have?

I have 2 – one is a cocker spaniel/golden retriever cross called Opi (Dopey Opi) and one is a Bulgarian rescue called Maiya! They are a true husband and wife couple and I definitely think they’re practically human.

And what else don’t we know about Cindy?

I’m getting married next November, which I’m really excited about. I have an irrational fear of holes and therefore can’t look at a crumpet and I probably love badgers more than a regular person should!


Well – we like a bit of eccentricity here at IMed, so I think we can deal with those! Maybe the whole team should come clear on their neuroses …….now there’s a potentially scary list of posts! 😊
Really great having you aboard Cindy!
Al Mills

Al Mills

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