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by | Mar 9, 2022 | IMed Consultancy

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IMed’s New Operations Manger

Where are you from?

I’m currently living in Nottinghamshire, a village called Church Warsop, but am originally from Southend, Essex.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

The only real idea I had was a Geologist


And your early career took you where?

I have done many things; I’ve been a bar manager, an accountant, a Geophysicist, and a teacher in my time! But most of my career has been in the Hobby/Toy soldiers industry.


So how did you find your way into Medical Devices?

As an Operations Manager for a Medical Device Manufacturer, applying all my transferable skills to a new industry.


Why does QA/RA interest you?

I’m an Operations guy, I like to help things work efficiently and effectively. Having latterly worked in a Medical Device manufacturing business, I feel it’s a great industry to work in and make a difference.


What do you think the current key issues are operationally for companies in the Life Sciences Sector right now?

Dealing with changes in regulations, legislation and border rules – post Brexit


What appealed to you about the role with IMed?

The dynamic and forward-thinking nature of the CEO and the business as a result.


How was your first week?

Well, I’ve had a great time (no, honestly!). What a great team to be part of! Lots of information to soak up, and I like to think, I’ve had an impact already. It’s great to work in a dog friendly office too… I just hope my Greyhound doesn’t get jealous.


And when you’re not beavering away at Operational HQ, where can we find you?

In a forest, with an airsoft weapon in my hands, or at a hobby desk building and painting models for gaming.


So, is there anything else interesting about Brian Aderson that we really should know?

I’m a keen follower of Liverpool football club and have an interest in the military history of World War 2. I’m also a big fan of action movies and American TV Series.


You know Brian – IMed have a knack for finding our own kind of people! You may have some descent from the team on your choice of Football Club of course, but your interests in cinema and immersing yourself in the model world feels familiar, with all our gamers and movie fiends around, I feel that you are going to fit right in! And yes – you’ve already made your presence felt and solved a few problems for us, so keep it up!

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