ways to work together


Project Work

If you have a specific project or piece of work that you want to outsource or require additional support on site to plug a recruitment gap or remediation project, we can discuss your requirements and I can provide you with a quote based on that scope of work. This is great if you want to understand what the costs will be upfront and need our expertise to get the work done.

A deposit will be required before work can commence.



Monthly Retainer

If your business needs regular support then a monthly retainer could be the perfect option for you. For a set fee per month you get peace of mind that myself or one of my team are available for a pre-agreed amount of time to answer your questions, manage specific projects or complete pieces of work as required.

Invoiced in advance of commencing any works.




Purchase a block of hours

If your not sure how much support you need, are looking for an expert that you can call on as and when needed and don’t want to commit to a retainer package then this option works really well. You can purchase a block of hours up front and then call on our expertise as and when required. At the end of each month we will let you know the hours worked (broken down into 15 minute increments) and what you have left or when you reach the hours purchased we will notify you so you have the option to purchase more or move onto one of our other packages.


Internal Audit Management

If your struggling to keep your audit schedule on track and are struggling to find the time to conduct thorough and useful audits we can take the pressure off by managing your annual programme for you. With industry experts and experienced Lead Auditors we can help you stay on track, identify areas of improvement and highlight any issues before they are picked up by your Notified Body. 





If you need to get you or your team up to speed on hot topics, upcoming changes or just to get to grips with the basics to better support your business then we have a number of training programmes that can we carried out in house or at our offices that can be customised to your needs and that won’t cost the earth. I know that training can be expensive especially when you take into consideration the down time to attend so making this cost effective for you is one of my priorities. 

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Feel free to get in touch with any questions or enquiries you may have or go the old fashioned route and give me a call on +44(0) 1295 724286.

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