Freddie’s Future

by | Mar 23, 2022 | IMed Consultancy

Cindy Rajaratnam joins IMed

IMed is delighted to announce the first of the charities we will be supporting this year. The
IMed family feel happy to be healthy, cared for and working in an industry, which is
constantly doing good. But we are going to commit to a bit extra giving back, to some
charities close to our hearts this year.

I know I am not alone in thinking that family is everything. So, when someone in your family
becomes seriously ill – it affects the whole family.

The IMed team are a business of course, but we feel like a family of sorts ourselves. And we’d
like to help another local family in Banbury with a little boy called Freddie, who faces a major
health issue. So we intend to help raise money to make life better for him and his family.
Freddie was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer in November 2019. It’s called Ewing’s
sarcoma, which was found to be metastatic (ie in more than one place). It’s an aggressive
cancer that creates tumors, in the bone and soft tissue, which can spread to anywhere in the
body, very quickly.

Apart from the fact that there is a general lack of awareness of this condition – resulting in
many misdiagnoses – Freddie and his family currently face numerous challenges because;
• There are few treatment options
• Ewing’s has an infamous reputation for high chance of recurrence
• There is a severe shortage of funding and/or research to find new treatments
All of which costs precious time for people like Freddie.

IMed are committed to helping raise money for the development of more treatments and
immunotherapy, to hopefully allow children like Freddie to have a chance at fighting this
awful disease. The Bone Cancer Research Trust has some promising projects, which you can
learn more about by clicking on the link below.

Freddie’s Mother Nicole is meeting with me soon to soon to tell us more about ‘ Freddie’s
Future‘ and give us a better understanding of Ewing’s, how it’s affected Freddie’s family and
how we can help. Please look out for this interview and  our current fundraising for him with our project manager Luke who is doing a huge event!

Matt Burton

Matt Burton

Strategic Development Director

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