1 More Day to Respond to MedTech Europe’s IVDR Transition Survey

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Academy, IMed Consultancy, IVD, MDR, Medtech Marketing

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IVD manufacturers have 1 more day to respond to MedTech Europe’s 2nd annual survey with the IVD Industry. The deadline is the 21st Oct 2022.

MedTech Europe are gathering data from IVD manufacturers and companies planning to CE mark in the near future with the aim to gather data and provide regulatory authorities with the overview and status of the industry. This will help inform the decision making for the ongoing implementation of the IVD Regulation in the EU.

The European Commission’s Medical Devices Coordination Group Task Force on Monitoring Certification Capacity have been involved in the planning stage for this survey and so good engagement with the response is expected.

MedTech Europe strongly encourages participation in this survey so that the consolidated voice of the industry can be heard.

The survey can be accessed here:

MedTech Europe Transition to IVDR Survey (surveygizmo.eu)



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Jonathan Ripley

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